The Differential Diffusion in the Middle East of “Small Technologies” from Europe and the USA

主催・共催・その他 主催:同志社大学 一神教学際研究センター
種類 研究集会
対象分野 国際関係,社会・文化(宗教,民族,ジェンダー,移民)
対象地域 -
開催地方 近畿
開催場所(詳細) 同志社大学 今出川キャンパス 至誠館3階会議室
*京都市営地下鉄烏丸線「今出川駅」下車 3番出口より徒歩3分
開催時期 2017 年 03 月 27 日 15 時 00 分 から 2017 年 03 月 27 日 17 時 00 分 まで
プログラム Keynote Speaker:Professor URI M. KUPFERSCHMIDT
Department of Middle Eastern History
The University of Haifa, Israel
概要 Sometime after the 1500s, the direction of transfer of new technologies between the Islamic world and Europe is thought to have become reversed.
Though some exceptions can be mentioned, on the whole, after the eighteenth century, major technological innovations came from Europe and reached the Middle East through direct or indirect Imperialist channels. Most current literature sees big technologies embedded in a power structure, while some (Arab, usually not Turkish) nationalists entertain similar criticisms.
An often-overlooked question, is how big technologies ultimately became small, in the sense of accessibility and affordability to common people.
Here are some of the questions that are to be discussed:
Who imported these new technologies, and what for?
How were they marketed and advertised?
When did they trickle down from the elites to lower social echelons?
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