The Fourth Tohoku Conference on Global Japanese Studies

主催・共催・その他 International Graduate Program in Japanese Studies at Tohoku University
Consortium for Global Japnaese Studies
種類 研究集会
対象分野 政治・経済・法律,国際関係,社会・文化(宗教,民族,ジェンダー,移民),歴史・地理・建築,戦争・平和・災害・開発,言語・文学・芸術
対象地域 日本,東アジア,東南アジア,スラブ・ユーラシア
開催地方 東北
開催場所(詳細) Venue: Online (Zoom).
開催時期 2021 年 12 月 11 日 10 時 00 分 から 2021 年 12 月 12 日 15 時 30 分 まで
プログラム On December 11, 2021
Opening Session:
TAKII Kazuhiro瀧井一博, OKA Hiroki岡洋樹, Alyne DELANEY
Session 1: Precarity in Inter-Connected Northeast Asia
HORIE Norio堀江典生, Debra Jane OCCHI, FUKUSHIMA Michi福嶋路, PODALKO Petr
Session 2: Precarity in Inter-Connected Northeast Asia
Session 3: Precarity in Inter-Connected Northeast Asia
SATO Jugo佐藤重吾, KUZOVKOV Maksim, Elias BOUCKAERT, Arthur WATTJES, Martina SORGE
General Discussion
Edward BOYLE, TAKAKURA Hiroki高倉浩樹, ARAKI Hiroshi荒木浩
On December 12, 2021
Session 4: Various Topics of Japanese Studies
Hoizumi Sora保泉空, AI Yu艾煜, Masuda Tomoya増田友哉, Elena Fabbretti, Smolkina Elizaveta, Zinchenko Alina V.
Session 5: Various Topics of Japanese Studies
WATANABE Yota渡邊陽太, CHEN Zibo陳梓博, ZHAO Xuehan趙雪含, MATSUI Miki松井美樹, GUAN Jian関健, HAN Sang-yun韓相允, HOSOI Takuma細井拓真
Students Session
概要 Precarity in an Inter-Connected Northeast Asia.

Despite expectations of more harmonious and friendly relations after decades of ideological confrontation, a sense of precarity pervades Twenty-first Century Northeast Asia. It is ironic that this anxiety is brought about together with the acceleration of globalization and the economic intimacy between the countries of the region. National borders ceased blocking the flow of people and capital, and people are more frequently exposed to opportunities for encountering “others.” However, such a phenomenon is neither unfamiliar nor unprecedented. We know that transformation always destabilizes the familiar milieu of life and causes a surge of anxiety. Northeast Asian countries including Japan, China, Korea, Russia, and Mongolia all experienced multiple paradigm shifts of international and domestic circumstances in their respective Modern history. So precarity is always, to different extents and in different ways, a part of daily life in the region. This conference aims to reveal the murkiness of anxiety through discussing cross boundary experiences in the past and present of Northeast Asia.
参加費 None.
対象 All (those who are interested in Japanese studies).
言語 英語(通訳あり)
連絡先 Hiroki Oka (Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University), please see Contact on the webpage below:
URL https://www.sal.tohoku.ac.jp/gpjs/conference/20211211.html